Equity Special Situations

Invest in global, hard catalyst corporate events, examples include corporate activism, restructurings, recapitalizations and spinoffs.

Merger Arbitrage

Invest in announced Merger Arbitrage deals globally, including hostile and unsolicited transactions.

Credit Opportunities

Investment process includes fundamental selection of event-driven corporate credit opportunities globally.

Middle-Market Focus

Our investment philosophy seeks to find market dislocations and purchase securities of companies that are not well known or understood, as we believe that the risk/reward is more favorable in middle market companies.

Global, Corporate event-driven investing

Sandell Asset Management is a leading private, alternative asset management firm specializing in global corporate merger arbitrage, equity special situations, and credit opportunities. Our investment philosophy is focused on preservation of capital, and rigorous risk management on position and portfolio levels.

Meaning of Castlerigg

The name “Castlerigg” refers to a stone formation of a sacred alignment in England, near Keswick, where stands a circle consisting of 38 stones erected circa 3200 BC. All around the world, ruins of such ancient civilizations demonstrate an intimate knowledge of global events and their aftermath. In fact, at Castlerigg, leading archeoastronomers have found a total of seven solar and lunar alignments at the site, a feat that would today require the use of extensive manpower and sophisticated equipment to replicate.